Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day

Labor Day weekend was a busy one. Usually I don't have so much go on, but I guess this weekend was special.

Saturday was my 28th birthday. Eric made me a great breakfast and presented me with a couple of lovely gifts. Like last year, my mom took me out to afternoon tea. When we finished with that I stayed at her house to continue working on the baby's blessing dress.

Sunday was the baby's blessing. I was actually more excited for that than for my birthday. We had several people come for the meeting and stay through to come to lunch at my parents' house. Ours is way too small.

Monday was supposed to just be a relaxed day with nothing planned other than a trip to the store to get a few things. My parents invited us to a barbecue at their house with my brother and his wife, as well as my grandparents. I love invitations to things that mean I don't have to cook. We brought the Wii with us and that went over well. The best part of the evening was when my 70-some-year-old grandma declare she and grandpa were going to "go home and make love." She was completely oblivious to the meaning, but the rest of us were not. Grandpa turned a gorgeous shade of scarlet before Grandma caught on.

Grandma is the inspiration for this week's video, the difference being she needs to be careful how she uses her English.

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