Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Getting Better

As a quick update, my dad is doing much better. I went to visit him Tuesday evening and he was sitting up, talking, and not hooked up to a single IV. He ate dinner and had a little nap while I was there. When I called my mom today she handed the phone over to him so he could talk to me, himself. That was a welcome surprise. He told me that they removed the chest drain tube and the catheter today. The optimistic forecast is that he can go home tomorrow. I was really surprised and happy. I hope it works out that way. A week in the hospital is no fun. Thanks for all your prayers.


Charlotte said...

He might be able to come home today? Wow!! Last I heard it was this weekend sometime. I'm glad it'll be a little earlier! I'm sure he's ready to be out of the hospital!

stephasauri said...

Yikes! Sad to hear about your dad! I'm sure you're a wreck. I know I would be. *hugs* My prayers are with you