Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm Sorry

At work yesterday I got a phone call from a guy who wants me to let the waist out on his pants. I don't remember what he said his last name was, I just remember it was unfortunate. As soon as he said, "My name is..." I wanted to reply, "I'm sorry." I very much wish I could remember that last name. However, I do have a list of truly awful names that all came in to the store in the same week.








Titensor (I dare you to find a way to say that which doesn't sound obscene)

As truly terrible as those names are, there are worse ones. When my mom worked at an alterations place she met a woman who, when asked for her name to go on the alterations tag, replied, "First name Kitty. Last name Butts." Kitty Butts. At least she married into the name and doesn't have sadistic parents. My mother has also met this woman at social functions and found that she did not make up the name.

To close, I will relate a story to you that was told to me by a girl that said it happened in her distance learning class in high school. Don't get mad at me.

A college professor was calling roll on the first day of class, trying to familiarize himself with his students. Partway down the list he hesitated, stared at the paper and shook his head. With a look of trepidation on his face he said, "I'm just going to say this exactly as it's written. Shithead?"
A large black man in the back of the class stood up and replied, "My name is Shi-thead!"

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Mary said...

this post made me laugh! We had a counselor at the high school whose name was Lester Catmul. We always thought it was funny if you read his name with the last name first like you would on the class roll: Catmul Lester. think about it....