Thursday, October 16, 2008

Home and Home

I meant to post this about a week ago, but didn't. Last Thursday my dad came home from the hospital (wahoo!) and is doing much better. He has been exercising on the treadmill and increasing his time and speed. Go Dad!

A week ago was the fifth anniversary of my return home from the mission. It should have been a day earlier, but we missed our connecting flight in Germany. Frankfurt hates me. I've suffered misfortune both times I've been there. At least the people at the airport speak beautiful English and were able to help us. Anyway.

I wanted to mark the occasion for myself by looking at what I've accomplished in the past five years and what I would like to do in the coming five.


Returned from a faithful mission to Rome.

Married my dream prince.

Graduated from college.

Got my first "real" (career-type) job as a teacher.

Went on a cruise.

Decided I didn't want to be a teacher.

Became a mother.

I don't imagine I'll have another five years so full of major life milestones, but there are several things I'd like to do.

To do list:

Cheer from the crowd as my husband graduates (in April).

Become a stay at home mom (my dream job since childhood).

Buy a house with a yard.

Buy a dog to stay in the yard with the house.

Send my first-born to kindergarten.

Go to the dedication of the Rome temple.
There are other things like running a marathon and adding more children to the clan, but I got bored of looking for pictures. What are your goals?

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Della Hill said...

Running a marathon is one of mine too.
And I am literally halfway there since I did a half marathon last month.
I also want to do a triathalon.
Way to go on accomplishing so much.
And awesome goals for the future too.
(I'm planning on the St. George Marathon in '09. Think you'll be ready?)