Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year

I know I'm a little late, but happy new year, anyway. We spent the evening at my friend Carrie's house and brought along our Wii. It's always fun to watch people play it for the first time. We took Rayman's Raving Rabbids and it was a hit. We also brought along a car racing game that everyone got into (see below).

A few hours before we left I remembered that Eric and I had gone to Carrie's house for New Years five years ago. That was where we each had our first New Year's kiss. Back then I would never have allowed a picture to be taken of me kissing anyone. Not that I've ever kissed anyone but my husband, because I haven't. If you think that's strange then I'll also tell you that I am the only person my husband has ever kissed. Now it's super sweet instead of weird, isn't it? Anyway, this year I brought the camera along to capture our daughter's first New Year. Do you see that Eric is blocking her face from seeing Mommy and Daddy kiss? He makes me laugh.

We left the party early because I had work to go to in the morning (curse working in retail!) and didn't want to be totally trashed. We had fun.

I also wanted to announce that I finished one of the goals on my list. I have now knitted a baby hat. I chose an easy one because I am fairly new to knitting. I've always wanted to learn, so I asked for knitting stuff for Christmas. Behold the result!

I put the hat on the cutest little model I could find. She likes to move around quite a bit, so the picture is fuzzy. The pompoms make me particularly proud of myself. The hat is still really big, but I had to guess on how many stitches to put in. Not bad for some guesswork, eh?


Abbie said...

I love the hat! Good for you. I just barely attempted a hat and I've been knitting for four years! Plus, Ella has a really big head and even though I did size "1 year" it was too small. Boo.

Sharon said...

Nice job on the hat! It's super cute!

Charlotte said...

Good job Jordan! Very cute hat! And it's actually perfect that it's a little too big so that she can wear it all through these wretched snow storms we've been having. I'm very impressed! Maybe someday I'll be as cool as you and your Mom and be able to make things...but probably not. :)

Morgan said...

that hat is darling. way to go!
and yes, super sweet. not weird at all.