Saturday, February 14, 2009

Here's to My Husband

Eric is sick. He's had a sore throat raging out of control for a few days now and is feeling generally crappy. I feel bad for him, because it's more than the typical (forgive me, male readers) "man sick" that so many men seem to get. You know, the I-think-I-might-have-a-sniffle-so-I-should-just-stay-in-bed kind of sick. My schedule these past few days has not allowed him to be sick because I need him to watch the baby while I do other things. He has done beautifully.

Today he is simply worn out, but he has still gone the distance. He's been taking care of things that I should have, but couldn't. He has also taken care of me. When I came home disappointed, depressed, and crying he gave me words of love and encouragement. He put his needs aside to take care of me when he is the one who needs caring for.

These things may not seem extraordinary, but he does them all the time. He has always put my needs ahead of his own and I love him for it. Today seemed a particularly appropriate day to express my appreciation for him. Five years ago today he proposed and I (thankfully) accepted. When he asked me to marry him he gave me a list of reasons he loved me. There was one reason for each day since he had seen me after I got home from my mission until he proposed to me. While I do not have the time to make a list that complete, I can put down several. So, Eric, here's to you.

1. I love you for your kind nature.
2. I love you for the father you are to our daughter.
3. I love you for your spirit of service and giving.
4. I love you for how gentle you are with me.
5. I love you for the person you are.
6. I love you for the person you want to become.
7. I love you for your unfailing love and devotion.
8. I love you for your patience and long suffering.
9. I love you for wanting to be involved.
10. I love you for your support of whatever I choose to do.
11. I love you for your wonderful mind.
12. I love you for your desires to do good.
13. I love you for accepting me as I am and encouraging me to be more.
14. I love you for the spirit you share.
15. I love you for loving me.

All in all, I just love you and I always will. Happy engagement day.


Morgan said...

sounds like you have a terrific hubby.
i'm laughing at your man sickness comment. heh heh. i totally get it.
we've had the raging sore throat too!
i'm finally over it, but i cannot remember a time when my throat hurt that badly!
sorry about your bummer day!
everything okay?

Jordan said...

Yeah, I'm fine. I've just been stressed about my pay change and all the little things I have going on that never seem to end. Add all those lovely hormones to the mix and you've got a recipe for a weeping mess. For about half an hour. Then I was done.

Life with the Warrens said...

that is so sweet! you two really are so cute together. my little LOTR halloween cuties! thanks for taking my order. seriously i am so thankful you are doing usbourne. i don't know how i would go on without a consultant.