Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Beginning of the End

We are hiring a new seamstress at work. The idea is to get someone now and I will train the new person until I leave (right now we're thinking we will probably be moving in late August, some time after Eric graduates) and then that person will take over my job. At the end of this month I will have been at my job for five years. Even when I was teaching school I still worked there. I know that the time has come and that it really is time to move on, but I still feel very protective of my job. I feel almost as if I'm being put out to pasture. Really, I know we're just being prepared in case I need to quit on short notice. Actually, if the pay thing keeps up how it is I may need to quit so I have time to do my side alterations, which make me more money in less time. There would be another plus to no longer working there, but I probably shouldn't get into it until I really am no longer working there.

The process of finding new people is always a little stressful for me. When I interview I try to find someone who has a personality I can work closely with and who I think will do a quality job. So far we've had nine applicants, which is about nine times as many applicants as we've ever had when there's an opening. This breadth of choice will be something new for me. We conducted one interview last week and we will be doing two group interviews on Wednesday to cull the herd and then I'll run second interviews in the next week or so after that where I see how well they work on the machines. I'm hoping I can come away with a couple of good stories from the interviews, as well as someone that I can feel confident handing the reins to in a few months.

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Christin said...

I'm sure it's hard to leave but I'm sure it will be a relief to be onto something new. Good luck