Friday, February 27, 2009

I Am......

I am fatigued.
I am sore from my neck to my knees.
I am bloated.
I am a little moody.
I am feeling lethargic.
I am not (repeat: not) pregnant.

I am happy. Very, very happy. And you thought I was complaining again.


stephasauri said...

Fun post that's got me guessing!

Did they fix all the pay drama at work so you aren't getting a paycut? Did that crazy hostess all of the sudden send in $1,000 in orders? Did Eliana get a 1600 on the SAT? Are you sure you aren't pregnant?

Jordan said...

To answer you questions:

No, the pay thing won't be solved ina way I like until April. No, she's still crazy and I haven't heard from her. No, but I'm sure she could if she knew how to hold a pencil. :) Finally, yes, I am perfectly sure I'm not pregnant. The symptoms I listed (as well as a couple of other, more obvious ones) are nature's way of telling me quite clearly that I am not pregnant. That's why I'm so happy. The baby is not quite seven months old and I'm not ready to go through that process again just yet.