Monday, March 23, 2009


We recently purchased the Wii Fit we've been lusting after for over a year. Yes, it is all we dreamed of and more. There are lots of fun games that I would post pictures of, but I will spare you all the horror of the sight and myself the humiliation of what it looks like when I try to successfully perform the exercises. The Hula Hoop game is one of my personal favorites and you really don't want to see me do that.

For those who are unfamiliar with this fabulous product, let me give you a brief overview and a piece of advice it gave me that I love. When the game is first turned on you choose your character and are given the option to so a basic body test that tests your center of balance (posture), BMI, weight, and balance. After completing these tasks it gives you your Wii Fit age. Sometimes it will give you a fitness tip somewhere along the way. I was really surprised a few days ago when it asked me about Eric's posture. Below are the screens it went through.

How has Eric's posture been the past few days?

(I plug in the choice) The same as before.

If you see him every day, maybe you aren't paying enough attention to Eric.

Eric was in the room and had seen what it said, so I walked over and kissed him to show him attention before advancing to the next screen.

Eye-contact is very important in owner-dog relationships.

Then I laughed. A lot. And made sure to make eye contact.


~Morgan~ said...

i want a wii fit. really a lot i do.
you stink.

Chuck and Nancy said...

One time ours asked if Karl was looking more toned, less toned or the same. I said the same and the wii fit said that dogs have better behavior when their owners pay attention to them. That made me laugh too.
I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Charlotte said...

That's awesome!! I've seen those before and thought maybe someday we'll get one. Won't be for a long time though I think...they just look so fun though! Glad to know that they're really as fun as they look. :)

Staigerfamily said...

I can't stop laughing at this one. . . too funny!