Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Evil Has A New Name

I don't know what evil's new name is yet, so right now I have to call it "Greg's Homeowner's Insurance Company" or, preferably, "The Scum-Sucking Creep Insurance"  My husband's friend Greg was at scout camp when his house burned down a few months ago.  No one was hurt.  Since then they've been dealing with their insurance company.  They just got word that The Scum-Sucking Creep Insurance is not going to cover anything.  Anything!  If that weren't bad enough, the attorney working with the family told them that The Scum-Sucking Creep Insurance is suing Greg as the arson in the fire.  They aren't going after any money, they just want the judge to declare Greg an arson so they don't have to pay out.  As soon as I find out which insurance company it is I'm making sure I will never EVER do any kind of business with them.  Scum-Suckers.


[Morgan] said...

wow. that is the worst thing i've heard in a long time.

Christin said...

That is terrible. If I have a policy with them I will switch!

AJ said...

agreed. Let us know when you find out who the company is and I'll tell everyone this story. What is wrong with people?