Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Honor Code

There are a lot of people out there who disagree with the Honor Code at BYU.  That's totally fine.  Everyone is free to make their choices.  You don't have to live the Honor Code if you don't choose to go to school at BYU.  However, once you sign it you agree to live by its standards.  So don't complain if there are consequences when you break the rules.

Rant finished.


AJ said...

There was a guy in my Political Science class at USU who was from Boston. He literally spent the first 5 minutes of class every Monday complaining about his boring weekend because "there's nothing to do in Utah." Don't even tell me you had no idea what Utah was like when you CHOSE to go to school there! And if you didn't, that's your fault for not finding out about the school you picked. So SHUSH, I'm still sick of hearing it, 10 years later...lol.

PS, your profile pic is so cute!!

Carrie and Karl said...

Honestly that is one of the reasons I go to UVU. I would rather be with people who are honest about their values and live them than lie about their values and then don't live them. It's one of my biggest pet peeves.

Life with the Warrens said...

AMEN! can't complain if you agreed to the rules. otherwise leave. ps i am almost done with the book! i love it too. i can't believe that eric finished it so fast.