Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stupid Pills

My dentist is great for people who don't like the dentist.  My mom is one of those people.  She has learned that it is best that she opt for the gas before having work done.  That whole process also includes three pills that will make one stupid, thereby taking away the anxiety.  My job was to drive my mom to the dentist today and to be at her house when my brother dropped her off after the appointment.  It was funny to watch her trying to walk up the stairs with my brother behind to support her.  She didn't say much until we got her into the bed to sleep it off.  When she was all situated and we were about to leave the room we asked if we could do anything for her.  Sounding just like a three year old she said, "No.  They gave me a juice box and I drinked it all."  And then she was asleep.  There's a reason you're not allowed to drive after the stupid pills.

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Charlotte said...

HAHA!! I loved that! Made me laugh really hard! I'm glad she got a juice box and drinked it all up!