Sunday, January 17, 2010

Free At Last

I have inflicted the telling of stories on many people.  I have one to match nearly any situation a person can bring up.  These stories usually have a background story to go with them because I have a need to be understood and I can't be fully understood unless the listener knows why I felt what I did.  In today's case I will spare you as much back story as possible and stick to the basics.

There is a client of mine from last summer who hates me.  We disagree on a particular point and I am as certain I am right as she is that she is right.  We can't both be right and there is no concrete way to determine who gets the trophy for rightness.  Except that I'm right.  But I digress.

I felt liberated last night.  That feeling came from realizing I don't need to explain myself and I don't need her to like me or be my friend.  It's okay if she hates me because there's nothing I can do about it.  I can't make her understand me (I've tried) because she doesn't want to.  There is more I could tell her to help her know where I'm coming from (and more specifically why I'm right) but it would be unkind and only serve to make her even more mad at me.  Funny how saying unkind things can illicit any angry response.  I've been angry at her for months now for that very reason.  It felt great to be free of those feelings and just let it go.  Some things are beyond my power and I can accept that.

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[Morgan] said...

acceptance is so liberating huh?