Sunday, January 31, 2010


My little girl started Nursery last week.  I was nervous about how she would do with the other kids (sometimes she likes to give hugs that become tackles).  She did really well.  The worst that happened was when another child wouldn't go down the kiddie slide fast enough.  She tried to make them go down by pushing them, whether or not they were ready.  The first little girl got pushed in the face.  I was also very pleased that there was no crying.  At least, there wasn't any crying until I told her no and pulled her away from the slide.  There was lots of crying then.  Overall I was just surprised at what a proud mommy I was.  My daughter played nice (mostly), didn't take away toys from other kids, didn't cry when she took a major spill, and seemed pretty comfortable to be there.  Eric goes in with her today and from next week on she flies solo.  I'm so excited to be able to attend my church meetings again!

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