Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Man of My Dreams

So I had this dream the other night about a man who wanted to date me.  I was obviously single in the dream or I would not have agreed to be out with another man.  Anyway, it must have been a blind date because when I opened the door we had never seen each other before.  We were going to a pool, so I was dressed in a swimsuit and towel.  Without any other greeting, the man looked at my breasts and said, "That's it?  You've been working on those for, what, your whole life?"  I was as unimpressed with his manners as he was with my womanliness, so I shut the door in his face without another word.  From outside the door I heard him say, "Oh, are you going to cry now?"  I did not cry.  I woke up and laughed.  So did Eric.  This is the part where I can say my husband is nothing like the man of my dreams and not get in trouble for it.


Carrie and Karl said...

That's awesome!

Charlotte said...

HA! I'm glad Eric is NOT the man of that dream.... :)