Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Not to Say

So yesterday I was at the grocery store to pick up a few essentials.  I had to do it in three seperate transactions, so it took longer than it normally would have.  The older gentleman who stood behind me in line had apparently decided that I looked nice enough he could start up a conversation with me.

Tangent:  I knew this man from somewhere.  I know it.  I just can't place him and he showed absolutely recognition of me.  I think it was at church, but for the life of me I can't remember which church.  Tangent over.

The conversation started innocently enough when he commented on my daughter's lovely curly hair and his surety that I'm wild about it.  It really is lovely and I thanked him and agreed.  He then asked me if she is my first child.  I said that she was and turned around for a moment to sign the WIC voucher.  I was just about to suggest to him that we had been at church together before when he continued.

Man:  I have a friend with four out-of-control boys.   Her husband steps out on her.
Me:  (short stunned, horrified silence) That's terrible!
Man:  Yes, it is.  I hope someday she can come to her senses.

At this point I decided against bringing up any connection we may have had.  The only time I've been more uncomfortable speaking to stranger (or virtual stranger) was that time at the fabric store

As a hint to the man at the grocery store: three sentences of acquaintance is not sufficient to bring up a horrifying story.  Hope that helps. 

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[Morgan] said...

steps out on her? as to make it sound classy and not sick or something.