Monday, February 15, 2010


We didn't do much in the way of celebrating for Valentine's Day, but it was still pretty good.  On Saturday we went to a ward dinner/dance and enjoyed a meal of chicken cordon bleu.  They served cheesecake for dessert and, wonder of wonders, I actually enjoyed it.  Generally I find cheesecake inedible because I hate the taste of cream cheese.  This stuff was fluffy and whipped-creamy enough to mostly cancel out the cream cheese taste.  Not bad.  We left before the dance actually started because we (read: I) wanted to watch Apolo Ohno win a medal.  I watched the semifinal and was pleased.  I missed the final because I dropped off my babysitter and stayed for a couple of hours talking to her mother (my aunt).  Part of it was because I wasn't feeling too hot and had to sit down for a while.

The actual day of Valentines didn't start off too well.  The nausea I felt at my aunt's house didn't go away and didn't get any better.  Eric and I exchanged gifts and I worked my way through breakfast.  As an extra surprise for Eric I submitted our proposal story to the newspaper to be printed for Valentine's Day.  It's somewhere on, but you probably have to search for it because it's a day later. He was surprised.  I'm not even sure he knew they were asking for stories. 

I nearly skipped out on church because I felt nasty, but decided I could make it for at least the first hour and see how I felt from there.  During the meeting I started to nod off and each time I woke up I got a fresh wave of nausea.  I decided it would be best to go home and see if sleeping it off would help. After a three hour nap I felt refreshed and not a bit sick.  It worked like a charm.  I was actually able to enjoy the rest of my day.  It makes me think the entire world should adopt siesta just to add to our overall well-being.

There were many expressions of love which I will not mention here.  We wouldn't want you to feel like I did for the first half of the day.  I'll just say that I married my handsome Prince Charming and look forward to our eternities together.

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