Monday, April 19, 2010

A Job!!!

This story needs telling.  I feel I would be leaving something out if I neglected to say how sure I am of Divine intervention in Eric's new job.  If you had told me two weeks ago that Eric would have this job lined up before he graduated I would have laughed at you.  Okay, I wouldn't have laughed at you; I would have reminded you that Eric is graduating in math, not computer science.

Last week as I dropped Eric off at school i noticed a sign posted for a job fair on campus that day.  I asked if he planned on going to it.  He told me his schedule didn't permit it and I didn't think about it anymore.

When I picked Eric up from school that afternoon he told me he had emailed a resume to someone from the job fair.  As it turns out, one of Eric's classmates had attended and brought back the information for a company here in town.  It looked interesting and Eric sent in his resume.

On Friday I got a phone call from a man named Paul who told me he had received Eric's resume and wanted to do a phone interview.  Eric was still at work and we chatted for a bit before he gave me his phone number to pass along to Eric.  The part that stuck out to me was when he told me he wasn't sure how Eric's resume ended up on his desk.

After I picked Eric up from work I told him Paul had called.  I was surprised to learn that the job was a paid internship doing software testing and (I think) development.  The two of them spoke on the phone and everything went very well.  They set up a time for an interview this afternoon.

The interview obviously went very well, because he was offered the internship before he left the office.  There was also an opening for a regular full time position, but Paul told Eric he couldn't offer it to him because he didn't have any experience.  They spoke briefly about the possibility of Eric taking it if no one else came up by the end of the summer.  Paul also knows that there are other places Eric has applied and is still waiting to hear back from.  The internship pays  almost $3 an hour more than Eric is making now and we're really happy about that.  We just feel really positive about this opportunity and are grateful it came our way.


Charlotte said...

Yay!! That really did work out so perfectly! I'm so excited you guys are going to be staying here!

Barbara said...

Fantastic! Gotta love that Divine Intervention!