Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vote for Ellie!

I entered my daughter into the Parents magazine cover model contest.  The prize for 10 finalists is a trip to New York.  I'm all over that!  The grand prize of having their picture on the cover isn't what I'm interested in, but it would be a fun thing to keep.  Anyway, the contest people were supposed to send me the link for people to vote on her picture on Monday at midnight, when voting began.  I had to write to the people to find out why I never got the link.  I only received it this afternoon, so I'm two days behind everyone else on the ability to vote.  Help, help!  You can vote once per day until Sunday night at 11:59.  Please vote for her everyday for every computer you can get to.  Hopefully that will help her catch up with everyone else and have a fighting chance.  There is also the possibility that the judges will choose her as a finalist, but I feel like I have more control over asking people to vote for her.  Just follow the link below and it'll take you straight there.  Thanks!

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