Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Neither Shot Nor Slashed

Post title translation:  I got a gang-banger and his wife mad at me.  Like, really mad.  The mad-enough-to-hang-out-a-moving-car-window-and-yell-at-me kind of mad.  They were in a mini van and wanting to turn on to a busy street that I was on.  I noticed them as I slowed to stop for the red light.  I assumed they wanted to turn right, though there was no turn signal to let me know.  I decided I would let them in front of me when the light changed green because they had been waiting there longer than I was.  That decision changed when the light turned green.  The driver (wearing a wife beater, fully tattooed from wrist to shoulder, and wearing a sour expression) decided to force his way in rather than wait.  I am usually happy to yield right of way in that situation, but I'm not happy about it when someone forces their way in.  Not very nice of me, but there it is.  It's not nice of them, either.  Or legal. 

Back to the story, as I changed my decision I shook my head to myself and said "no".  Bad move.  They saw me do that and looked really upset.  Stubborn cuss that I am, I continued to shake my head and said "no" again as I moved forward with my green light, effectively blocking them from butting in line.  The car behind me was nice enough to let them in.  It was either that or the car let them in because the butting car was completely blocking the right turn lane by trying to force their way in.  Anyway, they immediately sped up and pulled alongside my car.  I wasn't interested in seeing any nasty looks or crude gestures, so I didn't look over.  The wife was yelling something at me I couldn't understand, though.  I was just glad there wasn't a gun pointed at me.  The van then pulled straight in front of me and I was afraid they were going to do a brake job.  They didn't, but the woman then leaned half of her body (I am totally serious; I could see her hips) out the window to continue yelling and gesturing at me.  Lucky for me, I had reached my destination and turned into the parking lot before there was time for her to throw anything at me.  I was a little worried that they would come back and slash my tires (or me), but that didn't happen.  They were just really, really mad.

The funny thing about it is that, once the van pulled in front of me, I recognized it.  I don't know the drivers, but the sticker in the car's back window was one I saw yesterday.  When I told Eric about it and what was in the back window he remembered it, too.  I guess that means there's a chance I'll see them yet again.  Not a happy prospect, but maybe they get all their anger out by yelling while they hang out of car windows.  A girl can hope, right?

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