Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Check Out My Sis-in-Law!

My sister-in-law, Shellee, is awesome in so many ways. The specific way that I want to point out today is her expertise as a decorator. We've been over to their place a couple of times since she and Aaron (my husband's brother) got married. I never remember to actually say anything, but I love what she's done with everything. She has a real talent for seeing the potential in a space or a piece of furniture and making that potential into a reality. Just take a look at the picture she has on the blog she has started for her new business. That table and chair set has been passed along a few times. It looks better now than it ever did. I've seen other jobs Shellee has done and everything is gorgeous. If you ever have a reason to be in the counseling office of Westlake High School you'll be able to see an example of the incredible work she does. Check out her new blog and let other people know about it.

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