Sunday, July 11, 2010


Last post was about how Eric got a raise and a promotion.  One reason I was so excited was because the extra money gave us a new housing budget.  We decided to raise the budget by $200 so we could find an acceptable place, but still have plenty of wiggle room with our other finances.  Money left at the end of the month is a new experience.  I'm pretty sure I'll like it.

The same day as the raise I looked for new places on the BYU housing website.  It's a good thing my netID and password still work after 5 years.  There was a very large basement apartment that I almost wrote off because it was a basement.  At the last minute I put it back in the pile of choices to hand to my husband for him to further narrow down.  We ended up with 5 or 6 places to drive by and see what they looked like.  After driving past those, the list went down to two places to call about and walk through.  The basement was one of those places.

A day or two later we went through both places and there was no contest.  The basement won hands down.  I never thought I'd say that.  I swore I would never live in one again, but this basement was...nice.  Three bedrooms, 1800 square feet, HUGE master bedroom, tons of storage, and a kitchen with a dishwasher and enough counter space to make you cry.  Or actually want to cook.  That's all new to me.  We called the property manager within an hour of seeing the place and said we would take it.  We signed the papers the next day.

Thrilling as it was to get a place we actually wanted to live in, we were a little surprised that the contract started a week earlier than we wanted to move in.  July is bad for weekends for us.  Eric had drill this weekend, next weekend we will be attending the 7-hour long preliminary meeting before talking with the Rural Housing Development people, and the next weekend is a holiday.  Not very convenient.  The property manager explained why the lease started earlier than we'd said we wanted to move in and we decided that was a reasonable explanation.  So we kind of threw things together at the last minute and moved in yesterday.  It was only 8 days from when we found out there was enough budget to move until our big stuff was in the new place.  It's been a bit of a whirlwind.

So now we know why I was so frustrated finding a place to live.  It just wasn't quite the right time.  I felt no hesitation in signing papers and no worries about if we were moving to the right place.  That's what I'm used to when looking for housing.  The only bad part is that we have discovered spiders since we moved in (I am deathly afraid of spiders), but that's what bug spray is for.  It will also encourage me to keep a ridiculously clean house.  That's something I've always hoped for, but have never been able to achieve.  Now that I won't have the added stress and time consumption of needing to work I can finally do all the "mommy" things I've always wanted to and have never been able to.  I'm so excited!


[Morgan] said...

i 'm so glad it worked out they way it was supposed to.

i can't wait to come see it!

Charlotte said...

I'm so excited for you guys! It's gotta be a relief to finally be able to relax about money and housing for a while! I'm a little jealous about you being able to just do all the "mommy" things...someday we'll get there--I hope!! That's the plan anyway. We'll have to come see the new place sometime!