Friday, July 02, 2010


So I'm a little happy and excited.  Do you remember this post about Eric getting a job?  I was pretty shocked and surprised then.  I am no less shocked, surprised, and pleased now as I was then.

When I picked Eric up from work today he asked if I wanted some good news.  I told him I did and he said, "We might be able to afford to build a house."  (background:  We have been very interested in the Rural Housing Development program.  It is similar to Habitat for Humanity and allows you to participate in building your own house, as well as the houses of other families in your group.)  I knew RHD was out of our price range, so I was really surprised and asked him if we qualified now.  The answer was, "Well, maybe in a couple of weeks..."  Eric has been applying to other places because his current job is an internship.

Suddenly excited, I asked him if he had an interview lined up.  No, he'd already had an interview that afternoon.  His boss had called him in and offered him a job.  Rather than being a quality assurance intern, he is now the Project Coordinator.  So Eric was offered a promotion and a (very) generous raise, which he readily accepted.  His boss was worried that it wouldn't be enough money but when you've lived on what we've lived on for as long as we have, it feels like winning the lottery.

I've been wondering if something was up, because Eric's boss kept giving him more responsibilities.  I thought that was odd when there were other interns that had been there longer and had more experience.  Turns out the added responsibilities were a test to see how he would do.  His final "test" was yesterday and he passed it.  He was offered the full-time position I mentioned in the other blog post.  It is amazing to me how it went from a job Eric wouldn't have considered applying for to the boss not knowing how Eric's resume got on his desk to being offered the very job the boss was looking to fill at the job fair Eric couldn't attend.  Amazing, amazing.

So now we're basking in the glow of having enough money to afford a place to live that will be big enough for our needs.  That was our big problem in finding housing before.  We have a deadline to be gone now, as our room will be needed for my brother when he goes in for open heart surgery.  That's a whole other story that I will share at some point.  I just thought I would put in the happy.  The Lord knows what he's doing with His timing.  I'm feeling very blessed and happy.  I am so proud of my husband, his hard work, and his dedication.  Go Eric!!!

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