Monday, August 09, 2010

HypnoBirthing: The Book

I'm most of the way through the HypnoBirthing book and now I can see why people said it would be confusing without the class.  I've read ahead of where we are in class and I'm not sure how to go about implementing it.

The biggest thing about the book is...I like the class better.  There's more of the weird stuff I was afraid of in the book than in the class.  Thankfully it's easy enough to just skim past the parts that make my eyes roll.  I'm glad we don't talk about the "curse of Eve" in class.  I agree with some of what she says about it, but certainly not all.

Don't get me wrong; the book is mostly good.  I just have an easier time picking out things I don't like from the book than I do from the class.  My favorite, by far, is a section that has questions to ask as you find your birthing center.  I choose the hospital for all the reasons I mentioned in my preface, so I just skimmed over that part.  I got a great laugh from one of the questions, though: "May you remain in your own clothes during labor?"  I immediately started snickering with that one and wondered why I would want to labor in my own clothes.  During my last labor I threw up all over the gown, aside from knowing what a mess birth makes.  I'll have the hospital wash that, thanks.

The book is great for getting you into the proper frame of mind to make HypnoBirthing successful.  That makes it 110% worth the read.

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Enjoy Birth said...

I agree that reading HypnoBirthing without the class wouldn't work very well. It isn't set up as a self study.
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