Saturday, August 28, 2010

HypnoBirthing: Class Four

Hallelujah!!!  This class was back to what I have been used to.  I really think this was one of the classes I had been waiting for since I started taking the class.  We talked about different labor and birthing positions, as well as relaxation techniques (huzzah!) that our husbands could use to help us.  I knew that was a very important part of HypnoBirthing, but I had no idea of what to have Eric do to help.  That was made much better and much more clear in this class.  I am the most pregnant lady in class, so I got to be the first guinea pig for the knee press.  You get used to what the baby does to your body that you don't always remember what it was like without that pressure and strain.  Now I remember what it used to feel like to sit in a chair without the pressure on my pelvis.  H-E-A-V-E-N-L-Y!!!  Eric got the technique down the first time.  I think the knee press is going to become a daily ritual.

The class was better for Eric, as well.  He understands a little better now why I think this is something I might want to do.  We also finally did the fear release.  That was a nice little walk-through.  Both Eric and I plan on using it again on our own.  It helps to take away the negative emotions associated with things we may have heard or seen.  I'm trying to use mine to help release fear of what may happen and negative self talk, so I think I'll really need to work on that.

We heard and watched a few other birth stories.  Most of the ones we heard had to do with making sure we use the "breathing down" technique to get the baby out, rather than traditional pushing.  The difference is that, rather than hold your breath and bear down hard for ten seconds before starting over again, you take a deep breath and use the exhale to nudge the baby down.  I really wasn't a fan of pushing last time I gave birth and don't even get me started on how I feel about having a cheering section for pushing.  That just annoys me.  I think I even told them to just count and not encourage me when I delivered last time.  I thought this was worth a try.  Hopefully it will also help to avoid the need for an episiotomy (which I would still rather have that a tear.  Tearing sucks.) because I won't be straining so much.  That's my hope, anyway.  It's another one of those things that's worth a try.

Overall reaction:  I think this may have been my favorite class yet.  Everything was so much more relaxed and we were able to work on things together.  As we walked in (late) the rest of the class had just started a relaxation practice in couples.  I loved doing that with Eric.  Having the person you love speaking to you makes it all so nice.  I feel so much more prepared for the birth now.  I feel like we got a few more tools to use that will help us make it through.  Two thumbs up.

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