Monday, August 30, 2010

A Thrilling Thirty

Today is my 30th birthday.  I've had so much else to occupy my mind lately that the fact of turning 30 has either not entered my brain or I really, actually don't care that there is now a 3 at the beginning of my age.  I am even more pregnant than I suspected I'd be and that takes up most of my thoughts and energy.

However, I still think that turning 30 is a great thing for me to celebrate.  I had a great time in my 20s and I thought I would celebrate this year by writing down a few things that happened in the last decade of my life.

2000 (I realize I should start with 2001, but I like round numbers)--Graduated with an AS degree from Snow College, my future husband got home from his mission, and I started classes at BYU.

2001--My first nephew was born, I had a crisis of identity while trying to heal from a bad roommate situation the year before (LOOOONG story), and spent eight glorious weeks in Hawaii.  If you ever need to take time off for yourself to learn to relax, spend eight weeks in Hawaii.  It works miracles!!!  The overarching theme of that year for me was that I learned who I was and that I could like myself for me, rather than who I was or was not attached to.

2002--Worked with my dad at Soldier Hollow for the Olympics, left on my mission to Rome, and my first niece was born.  Great year!

2003--Finished my mission in Rome after having served in Quartu Sant' Elena, Castellammare di Stabbia, and Ladispoli before finishing up there.  It was all a wild ride that taught me a lot.  I loved it.  I also forgave my future husband for dropping me like a rock before my mission and tentatively agreed to go on a date with him.  We continued dating through the end of the year.

2004--Eric and I got engaged and married.  I'm not sure of much else that happened that year.  It's all a little foggy in the haze of happiness that represents that year.

2005--Graduated from BYU with a degree in Home Economics Education and started teaching at American Fork High School.

2006--Started teaching at Orem Jr. That was an experience.  I learned I would like my own kids better than other peoples' kids and got pregnant.

2007--Quit my teaching job, lost the baby I was expecting halfway through the pregnancy, and went on a cruise.  That was a pretty dark year for me, but I came out of it with a strengthened testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and a greater understanding of His earthly mission, Atonement, and of Heavenly Father's love for all His children.  While it was the worst thing I've ever had to go through and wouldn't wish it on anyone, it is also a precious and sacred experience to me.  I also became pregnant again and found out just before Christmas.

2008--Gave birth to my beautiful daughter.  Not much else sticks out in my mind for that year because the pregnancy and birth took precedence over everything else in my mind.  My brother got married, too.  That was another awesome thing for one of the best years of my life.

2009--I quit work outside the home and began my own freelance sewing business from home and another cute niece was born.  Eric and I celebrated five years of marriage and our daughter's first birthday.

2010--Eric graduated from UVU with a degree in math.  He started work at his new job the Monday after graduation and was given a promotion and a raise within two months.  I'm so proud of him.  I've also spent all this year pregnant with daughter #2.  Maya is set to be born in the next couple of weeks and we couldn't be more excited.

It really has been a great decade.  All of life has ups and downs, but the key to making it all a good experience is to learn from both the good and the bad and incorporate those lessons into your life.  I feel like I have grown and learned so much in these past ten years.  I look forward to another fantastic decade with the addition of more children, buying and/or building a house, and learning new things.  Here's to another great ten!

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Sharon said...

That's a great summation of a decade! I was just wondering if you were still doing Usborne books??? If so, are you interested in an order now or would it just be a headache right now?