Friday, August 20, 2010

A Mother's Legacy

I've heard somewhere that the only thing that will undoubtedly pass from mother to daughter is guilt.  That it is inescapable, palpable, and inevitable.  Well, that's often true.  However, I think sometimes we're given a blessed hiatus from this crushing feeling of not being a good enough, creative enough, or "involved" enough.  I had one of those today.  It was called I'm-almost-nine-months-pregnant-and-I'm-exhausted-so-I'm-letting-movies-tend-my-daughter-this-afternoon-do-you-have-a-problem-with-that-Buster?  It's very effective.

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Carrie and Karl said...

One of my favorite "mom" days was when I ignored everything else and played with my boys all day (mostly on the Wii). I felt guilty when Karl came home from a full day of work, so I apologized for not doing anything except play with the boys. He said "That's why I work isn't it?"
I felt much better just hanging out with the boys after that.