Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Coming

I'm starting to feel like I'm in the home stretch with this pregnancy. I'm one month from my due date and nesting has (finally) started. Not that I have enough energy to do much about it. I spend most of my energy tending to a toddler daughter and making sure we go to the pool as often as possible before it closes down for the year. Priorities must remain in place, right?

So now I have a list of things to do before the baby comes. I think it keeps getting bigger. The list has items ranging from "find the cradle sheets" to "prepare two weeks of freezer meals" to "unpack the crap in the baby's room." At least now we have spoken with the appropriate people about what to do with Ellie depending on when we leave for the hospital and who will drive me there depending on the time of day. Little things like that need to be thought of ahead of time.

As things are slowly being taken care of I realize how imminent this birth really is. Ellie was six days early and I keep telling this baby that she should come on Labor Day. I've been mentally preparing for her to come early, so I hope she doesn't decide the womb is more comfortable than the summer heat. It's certainly not comfortable for me to have her inside, but I'll let her stay in as long as she behaves. And until her lungs are properly developed. I just ache (literally) for the day when I can stand or sit or lounge for more than a few minutes without having back or hip pain. I also look forward to actually being able to hold and care for our new daughter and watch a new life starting. It was fascinating with Ellie and I imagine it will be just as wondrous with Maya.

And P.S. Homemade watermelon granita (Italian ice) is heavenly and should be eaten all summer. Or any granita, for that matter.


danette said...

My baby will be here Friday. I am being induced 8 days early. Due to Gestational diabetes.
Yea only one more month.

Mommy Quarnberg said...

You poor thing! It's tough being preggo with a toddler, I have felt your pain! Good luck with the remaining time in your pregnancy.


Sharon said...

Labor Day would seem rather appropriate. :)

Jordan said...

Sharon--you just gave an almost direct quote from what I said in Sacrament meeting last week. Good luck with your last little bit, too.

[Morgan] said...

i'm so happy for you, i got chills of excitement reading this!

let me know if you need anything in the next few weeks!