Monday, November 01, 2010

Month of Thanks: Day 1

November is blessed to be the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving.  I've taken on a challenge to share some thing I'm thankful for every day this month. Gratitude is an amazing thing.  I have found that it has the power to fix any problem that I have.  At the very least, saying a prayer of gratitude has the power to change my perspective on any problem I have.  Example: while on my mission I was really upset about something (can't remember what) and was so angry that I knew I needed an attitude makeover.  I said a prayer of just gratitude as I went down the street.  I was mad enough that I started running out of things to say.  Toward the end I was thankful for things like not stepping in the dog poop we had just passed.  That made me laugh a little and changed my point of view.  I was able to move on and find more things to be grateful for than to be angry about.

Now, without further ado (except to tell my readers that this is the last time these posts will be so long), I give you Day 1.

I am grateful for the uninhibited joy of children.  They live life so fully and because of that they infuse life into everyone around them.  I've felt that with all the children I've worked with whether they were my own or others' children.  It is refreshing and satisfying to be around the sweet children of the world as they relish their little lives.  Something as simple as, say, jumping off the fireplace, is enough to make life full and worth living.  It's no wonder the Savior loves children and suggested that we emulate them.

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