Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

I absolutely love this picture.  It shows all of us together, it has Ellie and Maya's matching fish outfits, it documents Maya's first Fourth of July, there is a flag reflected in the window, and it will be the last Independence Day before we move into our new house.  That's still several months off but I like to include it, especially when you consider that we had to strategically choose a spot on the house which doesn't display the toilet that's been on the porch for almost a month.  Yeah.

I love that Ellie sat still enough to get a Nemo painted on her face and I loved Maya's reaction to getting a balloon.  That is a face not to be missed so I'll have to try to get another shot of it.  She doesn't sit very still for pictures.  This is one of my favorite holidays and I'm glad I get to celebrate it with my favorite people.  And the day isn't over yet!

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[Morgan] said...

a toilet on the porch? ahahahaha. can't wait for you to get into your new house! your girls are big and beautiful! it's very nice pic!