Thursday, January 19, 2012

Open House!!!

So, you know that house we've been working on for almost seven months and that I swore we would never finish?  Yeah, it's done.  :)  The open house is scheduled (insert my stupidly high-pitched and excited scream) and everything is set.  Anyone who wants to come is welcome.  You'll be impressed with us.  Seriously.  We done good.

Now that all the work is done we just have to wait for the open house to move in.  Most of the families are (I think) moving in that evening.  We're waiting an extra week so we can paint some color on the walls.  It's going to be wonderful!


The Littles said...

congrats! wish i was in the area to check it out :) enjoy your new space!

Mommy Quarnberg said...

Congrats! Post some pics of it when you get a chance.