Friday, January 27, 2012

Week in Review

This week?  Busy.  No, that's not new stuff.  Actually, I typically have a really laid back kind of life, minus spending every day and the work site.  Except now it's the house, not the work site.  That makes me happy.  We still went there a few times last week to make sure everything was ready for the open house on Thursday.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Monday was my grandma's 80th birthday party.  We had a big shindig with the whole family, complete with Grandma's beloved "program".  I'll have to dedicate an entire post to that at some point.  Anyhow, that was fun.  Ellie even participated in the program.  She sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with her second (?) cousin, Mia.  It's the first time she's performed on purpose and she seemed to enjoy it.  Did I bring along my camera?  Nope.

Tuesday was a family sealing session at the temple.  My grandpa got permission to use the temple president's special event or special guest (or something) dining room, so that was something new.  We joked about opening up the china hutch and scraping our meals on the pretty plates rather than using the standard issue cafeteria plates.  We didn't.

Wednesday was the circus.  The girls had never been there and I would be surprised if it's been less than twenty years since I've been.  It was a great time.  Ellie really liked anything with animals in it.  The dancing elephants and the standing tigers were a favorite.  She also seemed to appreciate the man who balanced on stacked chairs.  His costume was my favorite, as it seemed to be both sparkly and masculine.  but I suppose "masculine" is relative when everyone else is wearing bejeweled leotards that leave nothing to the imagination.  Maya's easy favorite was the jumping Afghan dogs.  She thought they were pretty cool and bounced around the whole time.  My own favorite was probably the dancers.  They surprised me.  They came out and started their little dance, which was unimpressive.  A couple of them were completely out of sync.  I wondered why on earth the circus couldn't find better dancers than that.  Then they each wrapped a leg around a rope and started climbing.  Then they twirled and flipped and spun in midair.  They were really good at the aerial dancing.  It was cool to watch.  Again, did I bring along my camera?  Of course not.

Thursday was open house day.  Yahoo!  It felt like graduation day.  We started the day by spending gross amounts of money on new paint and a sprayer.  Ouch.  At the open house Eric and I both took a minute to speak.  I enjoyed it.  A few other people thought it was cute, too.  Having other people walk through my house was also fun for me.  I like being complimented on a job well done.  :)  We spent a couple of hours after the open house trying to get our new home prepped for painting.  Having the girls along was so...helpful.  Sure.  I still didn't remember the camera.

Today we had my sister in law come watch the girls so we could finish the paint prep.  I was there for about two hours and Eric's been at it fr seven hours...and counting.  Paint prep is a beast, but it's worth it to have everything ready for using a paint sprayer.  It's tedious today, but we'll appreciate that we did it before a week is out.  Maybe tomorrow we can finish the painting and shop for a couch.  Or price blinds.  Maybe I'll remember to bring my camera.

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