Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Game On! part 2

After yesterday's post I got to thinking about why I'm such a brat when I play board games. It is my highly competitive nature. That got me to thinking about whether or not the competitiveness has been good for me. On the one hand, it has gotten me to do things I would not normally have done. Like get up on the roof of a building (I work there) to take a picture with a 20 foot tall missionary.

I had been all prepared to get up there with the other girls until I got a good look at the skinny little ladder leading to the roof. Then I got scared. Nothing could persuade me to hoist myself up that high with nothing but an empty dumpster to break my fall. Then one of the guys came and shimmied up without a problem. At that point I thought, "If he can do it, I can do it faster." My goal was accomplished. That very night someone else shimmied up on top of the building, stole the missionary, spray painted words (and...anatomy), and left him on BYU campus. We felt pretty bad that we had given someone the idea.

Verdict: Good at first, bad later.

The other incident that comes to mind landed me in the emergency room. This happened in kindergarten. After thinking I saw my brother spinning around a pipe I thought, "I'm smaller than him. I can do better than that." Apparently I was mistaken in what I thought I saw and ended up with five stitches in my head.

Verdict: Bad all the way around. Maybe I shouldn't make decisions based on trying to be the winner.

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