Monday, September 17, 2007

Game On!

Through the years many people have had the mistaken opinion that I am perfect little angel. I discovered this during my dating life. One young man in particular was very vocal in telling me that I couldn't get second dates because I was too "good" to have fun with. On the other hand, he also believed that I would welcome his offer to kiss me. He thought that was why I was always staring at his mouth. The truth behind the staring is that I was always curious how his teeth achieved that shade of green every day without the assistance of heavily dyed candy. It's still a mystery.
Aside from this young man, several other people also told me I was a bit too sweet and nice for my own good. I suppose that's true to a point, but those people have never seen me play board games. It's like another personality takes over. Winning is all that matters. If I don't win, someone always suffers the consequences. Eric has borne the brunt of this several times. While playing my first game of Space Risk (not my favorite), my sweet husband neglected to mention a few helpful points and I lost the game. Badly. I wouldn't speak to him for about two hours after that. He felt it once again when we were playing Settlers of Catan with my parents. He made a move I considered both unfair and illegal (he's supposed to help me win, dang it!) and I spent at least an hour not allowing him to touch me. My grandparents were also there and I had to let Eric touch me again when they started asking questions meant to find out if our marriage was in jeopardy. Sigh. We're fine...I'm just a brat.

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