Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Very Scientific Experiment

I have weird toes. Eric gets no end of enjoyment out of making fun of them. The first three are totally normal. The last two toes are the toes that get teased so mercilessly. For ease in reference we will call them "Had None" and "Wee" (think This Little Piggy Went to Market). Had None is a shy toe that curls up and hides behind "Roast Beef". The one on the right foot is particularly shy. Wee, on the other hand, is more outgoing and takes advantage of Had None's tendency to hide by overlapping it. Either that or Wee thinks the ground is yucky and won't touch it. Really. You should see my 4-toed footprint.

You may ask what all this information has to with a very scientific experiment. A few nights ago Eric decided it was time to make fun of my feet again. What followed was the official Very Scientific Experiment to see if you have weird toes.

Take a longish piece of paper (in my case a Mentos wrapper folded into quarters) and stick it between Had None and Wee. Using only the movement of the toes on that foot, see if you can release the paper from its fleshy confinement. If you can get the paper out easily by spreading and wiggling your toes, you will have what we call "normal" toes. If the paper won't move at all, you have "weird" toes.

After a bit of struggling I can do it with my left toes, but no amount of effort makes it possible for my right toes. I am embarrassed to admit that I tried it again several nights later. But it gives solid, scientific evidence that I have weird toes. Maybe other people have better luck than I do.


Della Hill said...

Recognizing that I'm commenting on this post 7 months after you wrote it, that was hilarious!
I love the references of Had None and Wee.
Still laughing.

Wvrent said...
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Wvrent said...

I'm afflicted by the exact same condition, and it seems to run in my family. I thought we were the only freaks