Sunday, November 25, 2007

Congratulations Are In Order

First off, congrats to the BYU football team for a great game and a decidedly satisfactory victory. It really went down to the wire and I thought it must have been doing bad things to my heart.

The second, and greater, congratulations goes to my little brother. I would say that he just got engaged, but that's not true. He told us today after proposing FIVE WEEKS AGO. We could hardly believe he waited so long to tell us. Her family didn't know, either. I think they were told on Thanksgiving. Anyway, congrats to Andrew and Charlotte. We're all happy for you.

The last thing isn't really a congratulations, but it's cute. In Primary today one of the Sunbeams (the one who said she could do it herself in the Primary Program) was told it was time for her to share a scripture. Her mom hadn't been told about the assignment, so the teacher started rapidly flipping through pages to find one. I guess she didn't want to wait because she looked around for a moment before saying , "We have a living prophet on the earth today. His name is Gordon B. Hinckley." She then stepped down from the mini podium and went to her seat. That was one of her lines in the program. At four years old she's a champion at improv.

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