Monday, December 17, 2007

Close Enough to Success

Last Monday night the choir director came by my house to drop off music for me. They were learning an a'cappella version of Away in a Manger, but there hadn't been enough time to learn it. Instead she bought the Hymnplicity book and told me to choose the one I would be most likely to be able to play on Sunday. I have complained loudly and often that I am not a good pianist. However, rather than simply give up, I did my best and tried to learn one of the songs. When Sunday morning came around I was convinced that I would need to have a better piano player bail me out. I decided against it. Thankfully the piece lends itself well to dropping notes. Lots of them. There were two measures where I couldn't manage anything but a single note on one hand. My visiting teaching companion knew I was apprehensive about the music. That may not be a perfect performance, but it's good enough for me.

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