Saturday, December 13, 2008

Super Giveaway

Have you guys been to the Seriously, So Blessed blog? I am a huge fan. Right now TAMN is doing a giveaway that includes a diamond necklace. Do I want it (or any of the other things being given away)? YES!!! Click here to enter.

As a word of announcement, my daughter rolled over for the first time today. She never stays on her tummy, so I wasn't sure when it was ever going to happen. It happened while I was trying to take a couple of future blackmail pictures (don't all parents need one of those?). She seems to be happiest when she's in the buff and rolled herself over. Twice. Also, as a note of warning, I will be turning her blog to private in the next couple of days so I can post whatever I want of her without worrying about who will see it. I'll post that on her blog, as well, but email me or comment if you want access to it after I set it to private.

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