Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The House

Eric stumbled across the blog that documents the progress of another Rural Housing Development group who has just finished building the homes they will be moving into. The picture below is the outside of the house plan we chose. I haven't seen the options for colors and building materials, so I'm not sure what ours will look like compared to this, other than being the exact same shape.

On the blog there is also a short video that shows a partial walk-through of the main floor. There is also an unfinished basement. The lot that shares our house plan is lot 32. It's also really cool to see the people who will be our neighbors. We even tried plugging in different group numbers and found the people who will be our next door neighbors when we all finish building. The blog address for the group is here. Eric even served his mission with one of the couples who just finished building. He's so excited! There's also another family in the process of building that is from Fiji. Eric knows the guy's brother (he thinks). Cool, huh?


Carrie and Karl said...

Do you think your group will do a web page too? It would be cool.

Charlotte said...

What a cute house! That's so exciting!